Business owners that want to install custom LED signs may think about the cost of its maintenance. Digital signages are great marketing tools. But it definitely comes with a cost. Digital signs, like any other hardware, will break and fail over time. The question is, how much will it cost you to repair it?

If anything can go wrong with the sign, the manufacturers should take care of it if it is still within warranty. Most customized LED signs to come with a 5-year product warranty. That means you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs for five years. Many manufacturer warranties also include operational defects, so be sure to check if yours includes this clause.

If it’s not included, then you might have to pay for the standard sign repair rates. The cost will vary depending on the complexity of the repair and the distance from the repair shop. Digital sign repair rates are calculated to include transportation to and from the site. That may cost you $100 to $220 per hour, depending on your area, the number of trained technicians required, and the type of equipment required for the job.

What can Make Bill Go High?

Signs that are bigger than the average height or size will cost more to repair. The same goes true for signs the require special access, special equipment, and trained staff. If there are a lot of outlying problems with your sign and if the technicians need to make multiple journeys to your place, then you’ll have to pay a lot for repairs.

When the warranty of the sign expires, the owner of the customized sign would need to pay for the labor and parts needed for the repair, unless an extended warranty is purchased. To have an idea as to how much you’ll pay for the repair, here are some of the common failures encountered in custom signs

1. Component Failure

If you may see black squares on the lights, then that’s a sign that there’s something wrong with it. It should be an easy fix but it will still take some time to remove the faulty part and install its replacement. The usual cause of this problem is a loose input or output connection.

2. Networking Failure

Most customized LED signs to use wireless communication systems to maintain a good path from the antenna to the signal. If there are obstacles between the receiver and transmitter or if the distance is too long, then the system may not communicate properly and you’ll have problems with the service.

3. LED Failure

LEDs usually don’t burn out. These lights only become dimmer than usual after some time. If individual LEDs went out well before they should, then the type of repair to be performed is similar to repairing the entire LED module.

4. Power Supply Failure

If a part of the signal light goes out, that usually involves a problem with the power supply. Generally, the time required to install the new power supply would take an hour, if the task is done by a professional sign technician. It may take longer if the sign you have is an older model. The task requires replacing a module. If you need help with it, don’t hesitate to contact a San Antonio electric sign repair expert.