Massage for lower back pain must be one of the most researched cases. But even after many hours of research, the results obtained are still not enough. Experts still say that more study is necessary. Myofascial trigger point massage is also highly researched, but the result is the same thing. Science has yet to prove that pressing on the sore spots of the body makes them not as painful.

Many people want a lot of things from a massage. That’s the reason why the effect of massage has to be studied continuously. A lot of people are depending on it to improve their health condition or lifestyle.

The Benefits of a Massage

Other evidence of the benefits of massage is somewhat indirect or irrelevant. There are several pieces of evidence of the effectiveness of massage therapy here and there. While that means it’s not enough, it’s still better than having no basis at all.

For example, it is believed that the stretching and rubbing of soft tissues can alleviate joint stiffness and pain. Stiffness pertains to that feeling of discomfort after every movement. While it may actually imply limited movement, it’s still something that you can do without.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any useful evidence on that subject yet. It’s a fact that many chronic pain patients want to undergo massage but it’s not always possible to quantify how much relief they experience.

The Effects of Massage

Another benefit of massage is relaxation. People who get massages feel good after the session, which is why it is considered as relaxing. This may be because static stretching has a positive effect on one’s heart rate. It is achieved by pulling the muscles, and that isn’t too different from pushing. Soft tissue rubbing may have systemic regulatory effects.

Although many of the other benefits of massage are still unknown and strongly debated by a few experts, there are at least two benefits that were already proven. Massage experts say that massage has mood-specific effects on people with anxiety and depression.

Taking what’s already understood about the impact of massage therapy on depression and anxiety, it is easier to understand certain things better. These facts will also help improve the processes and techniques used with massage therapy.

The Soothing Effect of Massage

Massage may possibly reduce depression and anxiety. Although it isn’t confirmed yet, it’s safe to say that massage relieves blood pressure. It can also help people sleep better. The results of previously concluded studies show that relaxation is the key component of pain and health management.

But as many people put it, massage can be an expensive means of relaxation. Licensed massage therapists may quite charge so much for an hour’s worth of therapy session hat a lot of people can’t afford to hire a licensed massage therapist at all. Even so, it is highly encouraged that all people with health issues that can be addressed by massage should go and get one. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get the best massage in Broomfield Colorado if you know where to look.