You have to greatly think about their needs for maintenance and durability when you choose kitchen countertops. The reason for this is that kitchen countertops sometimes take quite a heavy beating because of all the stacking, mixing, rolling, and chopping that takes place on top. 


On the other hand, the bathroom is a bit less intense area. The bathroom countertops are not at risk just like the kitchen countertop. Thus, when it comes to selecting a bathroom countertop, you can relax a little and have fun.  

If you’re considering bathroom remodeling services Jersey City, here are several tips on choosing the right bathroom countertop: 

Popular Bathroom Countertop Materials 

  • Solid Surface 

Solid surface materials are excellent for tailored design since they can be made to suit any needs. Since it isn’t porous, it also deters the growth of mold. It is simple to clean and offers you a lot of style choices. 

  • Tile 

The tile is cheap and durable. It’s even more durable compared to granite. Furthermore, you can generate beautiful and special styles with tile. This actually enables your personality to shine through. However, oftentimes, maintenance can be hard whenever you deal with grout. 

  • Manufactured Quartz 

This artificial composite comes in a wide range of styles of colors. It is easy to clean and durable. Also, you do not have to reseal it. But, it can be a little costlier compared to granite. 

  • Granite 

Because of its durability and beauty, granite is well-known. It is resistant to stain. Furthermore, it is also very easy to maintain, unlike other natural stone materials. Granite can be a little expensive. Also, it does need resealing every 6 months.  


Your needs can actually shine through in the bathroom design choices. This area is smaller and the fixtures do not acquire as pretty abused as they do in your kitchen. In addition to that, you do not require as much material in your bathroom unlike in your kitchen. Thus, your budget might go a little further. Thus, you can actually concentrate on the fun because of that. You should play with the bathroom countertop’s appearance. You can go classic, elegant, daring, eclectic, funky, whimsical, and much more. It is simpler to do this in your bathroom compared to other areas.  


Also, you will want to think about what you will be needed to maintain the countertop in your bathroom. Do you want as little maintenance as possible? Can you manage a bit of additional maintenance? Keep in mind that particular materials, such as marble or granite, have to be resealed every couple of months. Other materials, such as glass or stainless steel don’t require resealing. However, it might be hard to clean fingerprints.  


The function of your bathroom countertop is to hold items in general, though the kitchen countertop is where you do your meal preparation. It is not common for your bathroom to have chopping, slicing, dicing, or pounding. The size of the countertop is your main concern when it comes to functionality in your bathroom. Do you need more space?