Everybody loves the look of an elegant tree. However, oftentimes, trees growing near a house are a source of concern to a homeowner. The reason for this is that the roots of the tree can potentially damage your house.

While they are important to the environment, trees can cause major damage. To be more specific, tree roots are capable of doing a lot of damage to your landscape, plumbing systems, and foundation.


While trees can be a nice addition to your landscape, they can also damage it. For those who don’t know, the roots of a tree can become visible through the surface of the soil as it matures. The trees might be forced to contest occasionally for limited water and nutrients if you’ve got trees that are close together.

In addition to that, because of the tangled roots developing below the ground, you might have a limited gardening ability. If this is the case, you might have to call a tree removal company.

This is not the only landscape problem you will encounter. In response to the soil movement caused by the roots of the tree, walkways and other paved areas in your property might buckle in. You might see cracks, bulges, and buckles, in the asphalt near your tree. This will cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Plumbing System

Since trees understand that it is a water source, tree roots are basically attracted to the plumbing system. The truth is that the root system of invasive trees is somehow never-ending since they want to access water. These types of trees include aspens, maples, and willows.

If it means having a water source, tree roots will not have any issues growing into the holes in your plumbing system. Unfortunately, this is not the ideal case for homeowners since these roots can block the pipes in the system. This will render the pipe useless.


The foundation of your house can also be damaged by tree roots. This is probably the last thing you want to happen since it can cause you thousands of dollars to fix. So, how can a tree root damage the foundation of a house? Well, usually, the roots can displace the soil around them as they move through the ground in search of nutrients and water. While it is impossible for tree roots to technically cause damage to the foundation of your house on their own, the roots can compromise the soil your house is sitting on as well as its supporting structure.

This is especially true if you’ve got an old house. It will become much more complicated. As the displaced soil moves, deteriorated and older building materials can drastically settle or rise. Thus, if you start to see cracks in the foundation, there is a high possibility that the tree root is causing the damage.

Whenever this happens, it is best to immediately call a tree service company for inspection. It is also best to have the tree removed before it can cause further damage to your property.